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Beatrice Tung 'LA+PA creative arts precinct' - student scheme


Name: Beatrice Tung

Project: LA+PA creative arts precinct


I am proposing the creation of a civic hub that celebrates and showcases the diverse cultural identity and heritage of the La Perouse community in the form of a creative arts precinct. This will introduce two new typologies, namely an artist studio in the Cable Station and a performing arts centre at Bare Island Fort. The typology of the artist studio has been developed in order to highlight and pass down the artistic traditions of the Aboriginal people of La Perouse, but also to encourage contemporary expressions of art. The performing arts centre aims to provide a means to communicate stories, Aboriginal or otherwise, through dance, drama and music. However, the existing museum has not been forgotten; a new underground museum annex will house the historically significant items which tell the story of La Perouse for all to see and understand, as well as create sheltered access to the Watchtower.


Describe the mood of your project in 3 words

Light, inspiring, familiar


How did your research underpin the essence of your scheme?

The program, forms and materials of this scheme only emerged through a holistic approach by considering the history of the site, the living patterns of the local people, the natural forms of the surrounding environment and existing structures. From this research, I concluded that what La Perouse needed most was to remember, and then, move forward. Thus, retaining the original character and aesthetic of the site became of key importance, and this is achieved through conscious formal and material choices which explore new ideas but still evoke the feeling of the old.


What is your favourite element of your scheme?

That would have to be the underground museum annex – this course specialises in interiors, but I challenged myself in developing an entirely new structure, sensitive to the topographic features and in line with my general approach to the site. The connections between the overland ramp and underground spaces were thoroughly enjoyable to work through and develop.


Biggest challenge you faced in the development of your scheme so far (and how you overcame this)

My scheme spans three separate areas, which has proved to be a challenge in terms of making the spaces read as one and yet differentiating each one as unique. The most effective solution, as I have learnt, is to play vigorously with material choices. Not only does the same material in varied forms have vastly different effects on the sensory experience of each space, it was also a lot of fun to experiment with materials I hadn’t considered before.



The Interior Architecture Graduation Exhibition ‘P r-sp k t vs ’ will be on display in the Red Centre Gallery, UNSW Kensington Campus, from the 20-26th November, with the opening night on Thursday 20th November from 6pm-11pm.


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