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Krista Mavrantonis 'Coastal Sensorium' - Student Scheme


Name: Krista Mavrantonis

Project: Coastal Sensorium


The ‘Coastal Sensorium’ is a discovery precinct that celebrates the Australian coastal culture and our connection towards natural environments; capturing the sensation of being immersed amongst the coastline. The civic precinct accentuates the significance of Sydney’s Coastline and its unique features through experience as a form of conservation.

The precinct explores the psychological and physiological experience of coastal environments through three main spatial realms; spaces for reflection, revitalisation and recreation. An organic juice bar, café, coastal museum, sensory walkways and scenery pavilions collaborate to reveal an aquatic inspired ethereal experience. This is achieved through a contrasting material palette, circulation and organic form mimics the drama, atmosphere and visual movement of aquatic environments.


Describe the mood of your project in 3 words

Evocative, Dramatic and Serene


How did your research underpin the essence of your scheme?

A combination of methodological research into La Perouse and Bare Island’s natural coastal environment, trend of water based activities and an investigation into the multi-layered psychological and physiological impact that the coastal landscape has on individuals fuelled the body of my research.

I sought inspiration through evaluation of precedent examples that focus on the architectural treatment of water as a natural element and how this is utilised to evoke human emotions and senses. These include Tadao Ando’s Water Temple, Peter Zumthor’s Therme Val’s and Juan Domingo Santos’ Water Museum


What is your favourite element of your scheme?

My favourite and most successful element of my scheme is the inventive play of materiality. I have explored ways of utilising materials such as milk fibre fabrics, reflective + translucent surfaces, carving and casting aluminium throughout crevices of stone.


Biggest challenge you faced in the development of your scheme so far (and how you overcame this)

Early on in the design phase is where I found my biggest challenge; how to design a space based purely on a response of an emotion or mood. I overcame this by redirecting my focus from form towards lighting and material strategy. Distinctive lighting and materials strategies appear for each realm of space and thus heavily influenced the following form and detailing of the spaces.



The Interior Architecture Graduation Exhibition ‘P r-sp k t vs ’ will be on display in the Red Centre Gallery, UNSW Kensington Campus, from the 20-26th November, with the opening night on Thursday 20th November from 6pm-11pm.


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